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I posted my Lying artwork to this... community? circle? idk what the proper term is, but I thought I might as well post the Kirin one here too, since it's finally done. I still think it's a massive shame I couldn't finish this earlier so that he could see it, but there's little i can do about that now. i posted this on my tumblr a little while back but I only just remembered to post it here, but  this place seems pretty desolate, so idk if anyone will even see it. oh well. here it is anyways.

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 Sadly, KirinDave has decided the stress tumblr causes him outweighs the positives and he will be password locking his blog in the next 24 hours.

Here's his original goodbye post.

For those who don't get the chance to see it before the blog is password locked, I've pasted the contents below the cut. I hope we can all wish Dave the best. 

If you don't already know about sassytail's appreciation project for Dave, I encourage you to go check it out and leave him some kind words through that. 

Welp! I’m out!

Dave's Farewell )

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For Day 2 of the Five Days of Fandom event, here's silly fic idea that I'm too busy to follow through on myself.

Imagine Kirin and Lying getting lost in Ikea in their quest to find the elusive Sundvik crib for baby Ruedi. Lying thinks it isn't fair for Ruedi to be kept in a safari net/golden lasso all the time Lying also intends to buy two cribs so one can be partially re-purposed  to form bars over the top of the first crib so Ruedi doesn't escape.  Kirin was dragged along to carry things, despite thinking it ridiculous that Lying gets a crib for:

a) An abomination
b) One that grows so fast

Things aren't so bad until they've been there for five hours and still can't find the crib. Or the exit.