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 Handy-dandy fanfic posting template:

Word Count:
Other Notes/Warnings: 
>Link to outside source/Cut<

How to set up a group-watch event:
  1. Announce the event. This comm welcomes event posts, please use the template below.
  2. Go to https://rabb.it/ and hit the 'start chat button'. You don't need an account, you can just create a temporary username.
  3. If you don't want to share webcams/mics, just decline the pop-up request. You'll still be able to join and type in chat. 
  4. Whoever has the controller will be able to use the in-screen browser to load up the videos. The person who starts the group will automatically have the controller, but you can put it up for grabs by hitting the controller button on the bottom left beside the volume. 
Subject Line: Group Watch Event! 
Planned video(s): 
Length of video(s):
Cameras/Microphones on/off/optional?
Link: (to be added in when the watch event starts)
Ceranovis’ Research blog – If you need some help doing research for a fic or art, let me know. Please read the about section for more info on what I do there.

The Content Creator Request List – Details who is publically okay/not okay with shipping. 

Prompt generators
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Genre, plot and story prompt generators
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Random art prompt
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