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This community is intended for general, non-shipping art/fics/headcanons/discussions about people associated with the Yogscast in some way but who are not actually members listed on in the 'family' section of yogscast.com .

A list of those included:
• KirinDave
• Lyinginbedmon
• VGToolBox
• Deltasquid
• Any member of Chaosville not already listed
• KirinDave’s Resonant Rise server inhabitants
• Area 11
• KaeyiDream
• Beckii Cruel
• Daltos
• Ravs
• MintyMinute
• Fiona
• DeadWorkersParty

(please leave a comment here if you’d like to suggest other people who might be suitable for inclusion)

Posting Etiquette
• All fics should be put under a cut or be hosted on another site like Ao3. No exceptions.
• No NSFW or shipping content here. That can be posted to the yogshipping community.
• Put warnings for content above the cut if any apply.
• Things like blood/gore/self harm/death should be put under a cut
• Ridgedog and Sjin are both sensitive topics due to the actions of the men in question. Content including their characters is permitted, however we do ask that you put content involving them under a cut, and warn for their inclusion above the cut.

Conflict Etiquette
• We all mess up sometimes. Be reasonable when you approach people or are approached; we all want a friendly and encouraging environment here.
• If someone does something you disagree with, please try bringing it up to them in a calm manner through personal messages or comments on their post. Please do not just yell at them or call them an awful person; offer a solution or alternative action that would satisfy you.
• If someone comes to you with a complaint, please listen to and consider what they have to say and where they’re coming from. They might have a point or they might not, but assuming they’re just there to attack you isn’t going to help anyone.
• If someone is repeatedly causing offense, please bring it to a moderator’s attention via a private message so we can look into the issue and try to sort things out. Vague negative or callout posts won’t solve anything.


Q: Who can join?
A: Currently, the comm is set so anyone can become a member and all members have posting access. However, this comm was created largely so people dissatisfied with the Tumblr fandom community could have a place to convene. 

Q: Who runs this comm?
A: Currently, the only moderator is Ceranovis. If this becomes unmanageable for me, I'll look into getting additional mods. 

Q: There's something I want to post, but I'm not sure if I should post it here.
A: Send Ceranovis a pm and explain what it is you'd like to post. I'll get back to you as quickly as I can.