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To kick things off and get people other than me posting, this week is going to be the ‘Five Days of Fandom’ event!

Every day we’ll celebrate a different aspect of creativity in fandom. Everyone is encouraged to participate however they can; whether that be a quick doodle, a ficlet, a random idea they think would be cool if someone else did something for, etc. I know a lot of people don’t have much time to spare, so there’s no minimum requirement at all. As long as you participate, that’s awesome!

Each day is based around one activity like 'fanfic', but if you're not a writer (for example) there are other ways you can participate! I’ll post some ideas for what you could do for each one in the day-specific posts, but you’re totally welcome to do whatever you think would fit. Just tag it as ‘fivedaysoffandom’ along with whatever other tags apply, and say what day you’re doing it for.

Everything that gets created for this event will be added to a masterpost list at the end of the week, and all the people who participate will get a huge thank you from me.

The prompts will be the same across the yogscastfans/yogsfriends/yogshipping communities, so if you get an idea, please just post it wherever it’s appropriate.











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